New World Meditation: Discover True Happiness Thru Experiential Healing (Second Edition)

by Lucinda Gray Ph.D. with David William Truslow
Paperback – May, 2016


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New World Meditation has all the proven health and stress reducing benefits of mindfulness practice. At the same time it includes a revolutionary research based way of emotional healing discovered in America and supported by current neuroscience. It brings the end of suffering by resolving old injuries and inner conflict.

In New World Meditation we have effective tools from Focusing so that you have a positive experience and avoid frustration. You learn how to use the interruptions, so common in meditation, as a resource for healing and expanding consciousness. This daily practice goes beyond self-reflection. It is also a process of self-inquiry, allowing you to reconnect with your true feelings, needs and wants.

Awakening brings you into a new world. You are restored; your body is abundantly alive, filled with sensation, no longer burdened by the pain of the past and fears of the future. You have confidence because you know what is right for you. You guide your life toward choices that feel good.



Focusing - Learn from the Masters

by Lucinda Gray Ph.D
Second Edition 2013
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I was blessed to find Focusing 30 years ago as part of my graduate studies in Psychology. It is the most transformational change process I have ever come across. Focusing changed my life. It has become an integral part of me; my ongoing connection to my deepest self. I watch it work every day with clients who struggle to let go of the burdens of the past and get their lives moving again. I am privileged to accompany them as they move forward into a more satisfying future. Focusing is the powerful tool that makes all the difference, and I know that it can enrich your life as much as it has my own. 

Here is a wonderful collection of articles on Focusing from some of the best and most esteemed teachers. Focusing is for you if you want to connect more deeply with your true Self, reduce anxiety and find a right direction for your life. Focusing is changing lives all over the world; taught in university classrooms and in living rooms in North America, Europe, and countries like Afghanistan, El Salvador and even China.  It brings you directly to the heart of the matter, to that center inside, where you know what you want and what will bring you the greatest happiness. It is a research based change process; a skill you can learn to do by yourself or with a partner. 

This book is for you if you are a Focusing teacher. This new edition is offered in response to requests from teachers all over the world. It is a progressively organized series of four manuals you can use to create effective training programs. It is a great reference book that allows your students to experience the differing perspectives of well-known teachers. It also includes short exercises designed to offer the direct experience of Focusing.