About Me

I have been a California licensed Psychologist for more than thirty years. I specialize in Transformational Psychotherapy, especially in guiding people through major life change.

I have an international practice via Skype. Research shows that psychotherapy and teaching are just as effective via video as they are in person. Many clients find video therapy convenient. With video you can have sessions in the privacy and comfort of your own home, or wherever in the world you might be traveling.

Here in Tucson I practice in my home office in Tanque Verde.  Many clients work with me via Skype and others alternate between office visits and Skype. Appointments can be arranged for any frequency or length of time, depending on your stress level and your schedule.

My Approach to Healing 

I practice Focusing Oriented Psychotherapy, and advanced trauma treatment and stress reduction techniques, including EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.

Although I have trained in many methods, I am primarily a Client Centered Therapist. I know that no two people are alike. Only you can know, deep inside, what is right for you. My job as your therapist is to help you discover and learn how to live your own right path. Finding and living your own unique path will give you a deep sense of satisfaction and joy.

I trained in Focusing with Eugene Gendlin, Ph.D. and I am a Coordinator in the International Focusing Network. This network is a world-wide group of practitioners, teachers and therapists who use Focusing in their personal as well as professional lives, as a major tool for self-healing and helping others.

New World Meditation—Through my personal healing, and working with clients I discovered how to merge the powerful tools of the Focusing method with traditional Mindfulness practice. New World Meditation is a breakthrough method of healing and advancing consciousness. It offers rapid acceleration of your process of emotional healing, and so it is especially effective as an adjunct to therapy. I will offer it to you as part of your therapy, so that you can continue to use it after you complete your work with me. This practice will become a lifelong tool that will enrich your life and give you peace of mind.

I will work with you as the unique person you are. As we spend time together in session and explore your experience of your life issues, I think about your situation and create a custom designed program for you. I adapt the many techniques I have learned and use the ones that suit your own personal way of thinking and feeling. Before you can have what you want in life you must be clear about exactly what that is. We will work together to bring that clarity. Together we talk over your needs and goals, and I design your therapy to move you toward those goals.

I believe that no lasting change can happen without a bodily felt experience of difference. Just talking about it isn’t enough. Therefore most sessions will include an experiential component designed to help you find the path to your own inner knowing. Everything you need to know is already there, inside you. Together we will work toward discovering action steps that reflect your own true nature.